Little Flower Parish

Welcome to our Parish!


Little Flower Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve Masses:

5:30pm Children’s Mass

10:00pm Mass with Choir (carols begin 20 minutes before Mass)

Christmas Day Masses:

9:30am Mass with Choir (carols begin 20 minutes before Mass)


A message from Andy Pitts and the Archdiocese of Mobile Office of Information Technology: Lately there have been several occurrences of Internet Scammers pursuing members of Little Flower Parish for money. They have tried to contact parish members under a fake email address, and claim to be Fr. Lynes. This is a very common scam. The scammer will often try to ask for payment in gift cards (specifically Apple iTunes cards), or via a wire transfer account (such as MoneyGram). Please do not respond to these requests.  Please note that the priests of Little Flower and of the Archdiocese would never ask for these things. If you do receive an email like this, do NOT delete it. (The police need the information from it to trace it to the originator).

Contact the FBI online to report it by clicking on this link: at their Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3) online or call 1-800-CALLFBI

Mass & Confession Times

Monday through Friday

  • Confessions: 5pm

  • Mass: 5:30pm

School Mass

  • (Fridays during the Little Flower academic year. Always double check the parish calendar by clicking here): 8:15am


  • Confessions: 3:30pm

  • Mass (Sunday Vigil): 4:30pm


  • Mass: 8am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5:30pm

Holy Days

  • Click here for the parish calendar.

Eucharistic Adoration

  • First Friday of each month from 9:15am to 5:15pm

  • Second Saturday of odd numbered months from 9:30am to 10:30am


Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 9am--5pm

Closed on weekends and federal holidays.


Office: (251) 478-3381

Rectory: (251) 473-3340

Fax: (251) 476-4064


2053 Government St.

Mobile, AL 36606


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Nearly one hundred years ago, in 1928, a mass was celebrated in the living room of the Jones family in an area of midtown Mobile known as "The Loop."  This was the humble beginning of our parish community, which has now grown to over 600 families!

Our current parish church building was constructed in 1958, and since then has seen a few fires and even a tornado.  However, through it all, the people of Little Flower Parish have banded together and endured, letting the light of their faith shine brightly in midtown Mobile.

This is why, since 1928, we have been and continue to be "The Light of the Loop."


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Little Flower Parish handicap accessible?

A. yes, Little Flower Parish is accessible. please use the east side door to access the church, and use the access ramp for the parish office. There is a sign pointing the way on the brick façade of the parish church. There are also handicap parking spots reserved by the access door.

Q. Where can I find the cost of tuition for Little Flower Catholic School?

A. click on the “parish school” tab at the top of the page to go to the official Little flower catholic school website.

Q. Where can I find a copy of the Sunday Bulletin and Taproot?

a. click on “news” at the top of the page.

Q. Where is the Altar Server/Lector/Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion schedule?

A. Click on the “ministry schedules” tab at the top of the page.

Q. How do I know which confessional to use for confession?

A. monday through friday, confessions are heard in the confessional on the east side wall of the church. on saturdays,we use the confessional in the narthex, next to the cry room. both confessionals give the penitent the option of confessing face-to-face or behind a screen.

Q. When is the church open?

A. the church is open from approximately 8am to 6:30pm everyday (check the calendar for special liturgies). all are welcomed to drop in and spend some time in silent prayer.

Q. How do I go about purchasing a memorial brick in front of the church?

A. Memorial bricks are available for purchase for $100 from the parish office. each brick can have a customized message printed on it. call the office or stop by to place an order.